Skiken - cross-country skiing without snow

Skiken ab Astrup

You'll roll right through nature, and away from roads, forest and meadow trails, uphill and downhill. You can control the speed with the sticks and brakes. The fun factor safety and health won't come short and all with the help of
Skates of Skike!


Test circuit

In this course we will show you the basic techniques: Walking with skikes, the usage of the sticks and brakes. You will experience a new dimention of moving forward through nature.



Prices per person:

Test circuit with an appointment each 39,50 € *

Test circuit for advanced skikers with an appointments each 65,00 € *

* incl. material, introduction and check list


basic course: 2020

saturday April 25th at Kraftwerk in Wilhelmshaven                                                  10.30 h

saturday April 25th at Bornhorster See - Oldenburg                                                 15.00 h


If you have questions or would like to book please contact us: